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St. Mary's English School

St Mary's Higher Primary School managed by St Mary's Education Society (Regd ) was founded in 1979 at Pillana Garden, Sagayapuram, Bangalore - 560 084.

Subsequently, Spurthy Nikethan High School was started in 1992 with the primary goal of catering to the economically backward people settled near and around the school.

St. Mary’s is part of the Knowledgucate group of institutions

Knowledgucate is a dynamic continually adapting education organisation which through its schools and consultancy services aimed at improving the standards of schooling globally.

The group was founded by Dr Sudhir Kartha and a team of eminent educationists in 1998 and since then has focused on providing high quality, yet affordable education to thousands of students globally.

The multinational Knowledgucate Group of Institutions is headquartered in the UAE. Its physical operations stretch across countries including the UAE, India, the United Kingdom, and Canada in addition to offering Internationally recognised accredited programmes in the virtual space.

Knowledgucate owns and manages a chain of playschools, K-12 schools, and Pre-University, Undergraduate & Postgraduate degree institutes. Knowledgucate also owns and manages a UGC recognised University with residential facilities in the north of India.

St Mary’s Mission

To provide an enriching and affordable educational experience to every student by creating an atmosphere that stresses on both scholastic and co- scholastic areas. St Mary'’'s is here to create a happy , caring and supporting environment nurturing the unique potential of every child.

Dr. Sudhir

As founder and owner of the Knowledgucate group of organisations, Dr Kartha’s vision of quality education that is affordable has panned out over the past 25 plus years. With a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics and recognised for his contribution to education globally, Dr Kartha with an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Bolton. Based out of Dubai, Dr Kartha’s passion can be seen in Knowledgucate’s presence in every stratum of academics both in the physical and online space with its global reach.

Dr. Sudhir Kartha


With over 50 years’ experience in the field of education, Mr Andrews has found his motivation from his colleagues and students alike. One who was loved and looked up to, Mr Andrews worked in varied environments as a teacher and administrator.

Mr. K.V. Andrews

B A ( Philosophy) ; B Sc ( Chemistry, Botany, Zoology ) ;
M A ( English Lit ) ; M Phil ( English ); MEd (Admin)


Mr. K.V. Andrews

Why choose a Knowledgucate School

Knowledgucate schools incorporate a 9 point paradigms list in the functioning of all its schools. These focus on multiple areas, some of which are


Goal: Attainments in English, Maths & Science.

Key Skills Improvment

Goal: Improvements in- Global Awareness, Speaking, Reading, Writing and IT.

Quality Improvement in Teaching

Goal: Teacher review system and retention

Stakeholder Involvement

Goal: Parent and stakeholder feedback.

All-round Development of Students

Goal: Extra-curricular activities - conduct and participation

Preparedness for Competition

Goal: Community Outreach.

Provision of Good Infrastructure

Goal: State of art infrastructure.


Goal: Compliance with Knowledgucate & Statutory norms and processes.